Great Phone, Even Greater Pricing - Redmi 7A Review

Xiaomi is a company that I’ve grown to respect a lot in recent times. While they are a Chinese company in-and-out, they are currently taking the world by storm with their varied device lineup, which goes all the way from premium, bleeding-edge flagships to entry-level, budget smartphones. There’s something for everyone out there, whether you’re looking for bleeding-edge performance or just something that does the job and allows you to fly through your daily tasks, send messages and make calls. But if there is something that has managed to shine throughout all of their lineups is how affordable these devices are when compared to their competition. After all, selling affordable phones that deliver value for your money is how Xiaomi has managed to climb the ladder of success.

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As of today, affordability remains one of Xiaomi’s strongest suits. So much, in fact, that they’re doubling down on it. Earlier this year, Xiaomi spun off Redmi as a sub-brand of its own, in order to up their game in the affordable smartphone segment. And yes, they have sure delivered since then. With phones like the Redmi K20/K20 Pro “flagship killers”, to aggressively priced mid-range devices like the Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 7 Pro, and going all the way down to the Redmi Go, Xiaomi is currently shipping out millions of affordable, quality devices under their Redmi sub-brand.

One of them is the Redmi A-series, and its most recent entry, the Redmi 7A, was recently launched in the global market and, more recently, in India, where it’s sold for an outstandingly low ₹5,799 ($85) for the 16GB version and going up to ₹5,999 ($88) for the higher-end 32GB model. The device is trying to seize the entry-level smartphone marketplace, and indeed, it looks amazing on paper and appears to be a true bargain for the money. But exactly how well does the new budget member of the Redmi family fare in real-life usage? I’ve been using the Xiaomi Redmi 7A for the past few days, and today, I’m laying out my experiences with it.

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