uTorrent Desktop Client Will Stop Working on New Mac OS

Mac users who plan to upgrade to Catalina, the latest version of Mac OS, won't be able to use the desktop version of uTorrent. Both uTorrent and BitTorrent Mainline are not compatible with the new operating system and users will be automatically upgraded to the browser-based "Web" clients instead.


uTorrent for Windows first came out in September 2005. Soon after, it became the most widely used torrent client, which it still is today.

Initially, Apple users were left out, but after three years BitTorrent Inc. released their long-awaited version for Mac OS.

While official numbers are not available, uTorrent likely never gained the impressive market share it enjoyed on Windows. This is, in part, was due to the fact that there were already several established Mac torrent clients around, including Transmission and Vuze.

In recent years there’s been very little progress on the Mac development front. The last client update dates back to last year, and there is virtually no discussion going on in the official Mac forums. It was also excluded from the recent BitTorrent Speed release, which is Windows only.

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