Review - Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung is one of the few Android OEMs that continue to retain faith in the tablet form factor. Even though our phones are getting bigger and bulkier, time and again we all feel that hankering to shift the task at hand to a bigger yet manageable screen, and that’s where tablets make sense. (Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Review हिंदी में पढ़िए)

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The recently launched Galaxy Tab S5e is a mid-range tab that can be viewed as an alternative to Apple’s iPad Air. It’s meant to hit the sweet spot between the affordable Galaxy Tab A-series tablets and the high-end Galaxy Tab S4 (or the upcoming Tab S6), which should make it an ideal choice for people who are enticed by the idea of a gorgeous bigger, portable AMOLED screen but don’t see the point of spending the exorbitant high-end price.

Samsung throws in a sharp 2K display, AKG tuned quad speakers, a beefy battery, and Dex support, making Tab S5e a very appealing tablet on paper. We have been using it for a while, trying to decipher if this is a tablet we’d buy or recommend. Let’s answer that and more in our Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e review.

It’s been a while since we laid our hands on a metal body gadget with those visible antenna bands. Which is perhaps why the Tab S5e feels like a refreshing change of pace. It’s also extremely slim (5.5mm) and feels substantial in hands.

On the front, the bezels are uniform all around the display and this ensures that irrespective of the orientation you use it in, the Galaxy Tab S5e doesn’t feel unnatural (like the iPad Air 2019 does).

The power button, which also doubles as the fingerprint sensor, and the volume rocker are more accessible in the landscape orientation, which makes sense because you’d be using them more often while viewing multimedia content.

The fingerprint reader isn’t very consistent, especially with the attached cover. Having said that, gradually our muscle memory got trained in positioning the registered finger right in one go and things got better. There are pogo pins on the other edge to connect to the magnetic keyboard case that users will have to buy separately.

When held in landscape orientation, the tablet is flanked by 2 AKG tuned speakers on both sides (which is awesome), but unfortunately, the Audio Jack didn’t make the cut. We have the Wi-Fi model with us that only has an SD card slot, and an LTE variant with a SIM slot retails for additional 4000 bucks.

The Tab is solidly built and there are no flexes or creaks in the body. The rear camera juts out and the metal back is prone to smudges, but these are minor inconveniences that any proper case would resolve. 

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