Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 for entry-grade phones goes official

Qualcomm today announced a new entry grade chipset, Snapdragon 215, for “mass-market devices” that cost less than $100. At this point in time, it’s really hard to recollect a Snapdragon 200-series chipset based phone, but with Snapdragon 215 Qualcomm is reinvigorating this low-end tier with what can be termed as staple features for SoCs in 2019.

Snapdragon-215.jpg (696×433)

Qualcomm obviously wishes the Snapdragon 215 to be employed in Android Go phones, which are modest entry grade phones meant to run Lite version of Android software and Android apps, and most of these currently use MediaTek chips or dated option from Qualcomm Snapdragon 400-series.

ualcomm reinventing its bottom tiers hints that under $100 Android go phones must be on their way. This is especially relevant to markets like India where low-cost feature phones still retain a huge share, and where millions of users are yet to buy their first smartphone.

Anyways, the first set of Snapdragon 215 phones is expected to arrive in August 2019.

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